Video Lessons Production for Distance Education : Teacher Difficulties and Challenges for Teaching Education in Brazil

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This review study addresses the impacts of digital technologies on a clipping of distance education (DE) teaching work: the practice of teaching in video lessons. The objective is to analyze Brazilian research that addresses teachers difficulties in the production of video classes. The initial search, conducted in the Catalog of Theses and Dissertations CAPES / Brazil, with the term “video lesson”, resulted in 54 publications. After applying selection criteria (inclusion and exclusion) eight productions were part of the review. The attention of Brazilian researchers to the issue is current (2012 to 2018). The analysis identified difficulties, deficiencies and precariousness concerning: video lessons production training; institutional infrastructure; teacher protagonism in the interdisciplinary team; specificities of teaching in video lessons; (re) construction of teaching identity; combination and transposition between elements of the audiovisual language and teacher's language (verbal, vocal, nonverbal resources and pauses). As a result, the production of video lessons generates overloads and negatives experiences, perceptions, representations and feelings, in addition to teaching discomfort, suffering and malaise. Video lessons facilitate learning by promoting humanization and teacher / student relationships in DE; however, teacher preparation for mediatized teaching practice configures a demand for digital education, bringing new challenges for teacher education and professional development.
  • Belarmino Cesar G. da Costa - UNIMEP
  • Regina Zanella Penteado - UNESP
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